A wonderful resource for those looking to develop a well rounded learn-to-swim program … or simply to use as a stimulus for review of their current program. The Manual is full of practical ideas and tips; including highly successful progressions that have stood the test of time.The kit includes a first class DVD to ensure the Manual is ‘brought to life’.



“The Henley and Grange Swim club based in Adelaide South Australia invited Heather to implement the “From The Pools Edge” program in our Swim School of approx 900 – 1000 swimmers. The school caters for babies through to adults swimmers. Our staff of 24 were also trained by Heather to utilise the programs teaching progressions and uniformity of teaching methodology.”

 Ken Eastham, President of the Henley and Grange Swim Club

 “I began my career as a swimming instructor when Heather Klieve first opened her private swimming school. The skills she taught me back then have assisted me not only as a teacher of swimming and water safety, but in all manner of activities outside of the pool, including primary school teaching. Those same skills, now being passed to you in this guide, will not only enable new teachers to becoming excellent practitioners, it will also assist experienced teachers to develop their own repertoire of skills, ultimately benefiting the students they work with.”

Allan Bilney, Swimming instructor for 11 years and Primary School Teacher

“Only a coach who remembers her journey of teaching children the art of swimming, and coaching them to individual excellence, could have written „From The Pools Edge. In the 20 years I have been involved in swimming in Mount Gambier South Australia as a teacher and a parent, I have watched in amazement, the passion, commitment and innovation with which Heather Klieve has developed her teaching program and coaching techniques. “From The Pools Edge is a unique package which provides a systemic package which works. The effectiveness and efficiency of her programs reflect Heathers commitment to excellence in her profession and even more importantly, I believe, in her ongoing commitment to inspiring and enabling the young people involved in her program to achieve the best they can as individuals. Here is a teacher and coach who values all her swimmers, not just the talent squad, and has studied widely and thought deeply about technique to facilitate all students progress. I commend the program to you weather you are a teacher, coach or parent as it is written in friendly language and has ample relevant examples on the accompanying disc.”

Margaret Bilney, Mt Gambier SA, Physical Education Teacher, Bronze Swim Coach