Section 13

Specialty Groups – Children

Children with a Disability


  • To allow the disabled child the wonderful feeling of free movement.
  • To offer the disabled person the opportunity to be equal with their peers through swimming.
  • To offer the benefits of swimming to children who cannot communicate. It is felt that the water acts as a gentle massage which children find relaxing and others find stimulating.
  • To stimulate the brain by moving in the water such as by dog paddling as this works both sides of the brain.
  • To build strength with no resistance.
  • To improve general fitness thus assisting in the prevention of some childhood illnesses.

Teaching Children with Asthma


  • To offer the child who suffers from Asthma the opportunity to undertake swimming lessons that have been modified to assist them to develop at their own rate and within their capabilities.
  • To improve the child’s general fitness.
  • To assist the child with Asthma to learn a life skill for recreation and water safety.
  • To give the child with Asthma the opportunity to participate on equal standing with their peers.
  • To help the child learn controlled breathing which may assist in an Asthma attack.
  • To improve lung capacity of the child with Asthma.